CLEAN SHOW 2019 – Innovations & developments

Although times are changing there were still many innovative developments to be seen from exhibiting companies at the show. In line with expectations the there was a lot of attention for more integrated & automated processing, increasing the scale of operation and lowering the cost price. An example is presented with this highly automated 3-bucket Colmac machine for shirts.

Dry cleaning solvents well represented
Most dry cleaning solvent suppliers were presented at the Clean show. Since 2 years (at last Clean Show) Seitz and Safechem announced their partnership to provide Sensene to the North American market. At this year’s show this partnership was clearly promoted. Naturally Kreussler (Solvon K4), Olin (PERC), Greenearth and Streets were also well presented.

Wet cleaning an acknowledged standard
Besides the solvents all wet cleaning solutions where naturally also presented at Clean by all major suppliers. Speaking to suppliers it seems cleaners have adopted professional wet cleaning as one of the cleaning solutions that belongs in a modern retail laundry facility, just as well as regular laundry and solvent cleaning appliances. Professional textile care stands for a total solution provider for any type of cleaning required by the customer.

SEITZ (Germany)

At the Seitz booth Tobias Betram elaborates on the partnership developments with Seitz to promote Sensene to the North American market. Clearly a positive development over the past two years.


The Greenearth team, lead my Tim Maxwell has an impressive booth with a design that strongly relates to fashion. At the booth a washing machine filter (produced by PlanetCare) is presented which keeps plastic out of the oceans. In partnership with the Plastic Soup Foundation based in Amsterdam Greenearth has started a long-term agreement to implement these filters for all their affiliates which clean some 25 million shirts annually. Pilots will start in California, projecting national rollout in 2020.

OLIN (Switzerland)

Olin team promotes PERC Solvent cleaning at the Clean show as the most reliable and proven solvent solution used in dry cleaning for over 70 years.


Paolo Schira, Vice President Business Unit Laundry at Electrolux explains at the Electrolux booth about the interesting new app OnE (presented on an enlarged screen). This app is connected to the machinery and supports business owners / managers to increase productivity, maximize machine uptime and reduce cost conveniently via Smartphone.

ILSA (Italy)

Many partnerships & collaborations were seen on the Clean show booths between machine & solvent/detergent suppliers. An example is seen here at the Columbia / ILSA booth where Marco Boccola of ILSA Italy (right) and Leon Wennekes of CINET (left) exchange the latest developments happening in the US and globally.

The prime innovation presented at the Milnor booth was the MILRAIL™ rail system. This is the new conveyor system for automated transport of laundry bags for heavy-duty laundries. As the industrial laundry market is developing into more integrated processing there was a need for Milnor to increase its product portfolio with a rail system that meets the product requirements of Milnor washing machinery: robust, low-maintenance and stable processing. The rail system eliminates the need for pocket conveyor (increasing available floor space) and is built to last with non-welded rail configuration, ergonomic design and anodized extruded aluminum rail. The system can be configured in various sizes and has a flexible, modular build up.

Furthermore Milnor also exhibited new washing machines. Two new soft mount washers (18 & 27kg) were promoted as well as the 125kg soft mount machine which requires less space / footprint in the laundry. Furthermore the barriers washers of Milnor (which were introduced to Europe in Expo Detergo last year) were on display for offering in the North America markets.

Thiery Lambermont en Gauthier Lambermont of Milnor Europe in front of one of the largest ‘heavy-duty’ wash extractors in the world, especially suitable for work wear laundries.


Marjolein Plandsoen and David Tiegelaar of LCT, member of CINET, have been actively promoting their CHIPTEX U-Cab solution for smart distribution and collection of garments to the US market over the past couple editions of the Clean Show. This has meanwhile been noted by several laundries amongst which the Angelica Corporation, one of the largest US textile service providers in the Health Care segment.

VEGA SYSTEMS & LANDUWASCO (The Netherlands)At the show Walter Ten Hagen (left in picture), commercial director of Landuwasco (CINET member) was spotted at the Vega Systems booth with (from left to right) Rogier Vos and Martin Stokman of Vega Sytems and Marc van Boekholt of Blycolin, a textile service company that offers services in various European countries. Walter ten Hagen and Marc van Boekholt are two of the leading entrepreneurs that have set up Laundry Robotics, a new company (introduced at the last Expo Detergo show) that has produced the first-ever Laundry robot being able to automatically pickup and feed towels in the ironer.

JENSEN (Switzerland)
At the booth of Jensen the first thing that catched attention was the Alpha by Jensen tunnel washer. Alpha machines are stand-alone equipment, offered in standard configurations with limited options and customizations. Jensen also presented a completely new finishing line consisting of a new feeder, a new ironer and a new folder.

Gerda Jank (left) and Patrick Gittard (right) elaborated on the Alpha machine which is produced at the production facilities of Jensen in China and meanwhile offered to customers globally. CINET has had the pleasure to visit the production facility of Jensen which was absolutely a first class, modern factory.

Al usual also at this show Kannegiesser was well presented. Laundry technologies for the future were displayed in a variety of solutions, including Robotics in the Dry-wash area, today’s washing technology for batch washers, advanced logistics and ETech applications for more integrated processing.

BÖWE (Germany)
BÖWE exhibited on Clean 2019 the latest models of the BÖWE PremiumLine and the iLine range. Especially the new development turbidity measurement by clarity the drycleaners were very interested in, because the industry can save energy, cycletime, cooling water and the garments get less mechanical impact.

GIRBAU (North America)
Girbau proudly presented its commercial and industrial laundry equipment, solutions and innovations.The commercial and industrial laundry products on display included open-pocket E-Series Washers and ProDry2 Dryers, as well as high-volume GI ironing, multi-sort folding and stacking systems. Live demonstrations of the new Compact+ 5-in-One, ST2700 Dryer with vacuum loading, FT Maxi Folder, DRF Feeder and FR+ Folder seemed to steal the show.

Kreussler (Germany)
Kreussler’s SYSTEMK4 continues to be the only bio-based dry cleaning system in the world. Wet cleaning continues to be a growing conversation for dry cleaners.

LANADOL X-PRESS combines outstanding cleaning power with ultimate economic efficiency. Theconcentrated products deliver a punch and clients love that they don’t have to use a lot of product to achieve excellent results. Transportation costs are lower and the overall carbon footprint is reduced.

UNION (Italy)
Union exhibited 10 of the most representative machine models sold in North America, with loading capacities of between 18 and 40kg, as well as special models designed for this market in particular such as the tandem machine with two 40kg baskets. The machines are all multi-solvent, available for all major perc alternatives. Some were also put into operation at the show in order for clients to experience some of the most recent technological developments and discuss them before the actual purchase, which unlike in other countries, is still common practice during shows, and as was this case this time too.

In the drycleaning field Renzacci showed the new range of Bio Dry Cleaning machines using natural solvents. Among the most important ones worth to be mentioned are the new generation of machines EXCELLENCE 2.0 and NEBULA 2.0.

In the laundry division they introduced the new OCEANO System, which is using the innovative Tech Stream System which optimizes the water loading factor, minimizes the mechanical banging and maximizes the hydrokinetic washing action and the properties of the products.

Not only the new LP583 Lavaspeed extraction press, which features a unique hydraulics package, but the 12-compartment, 220-pound LT100 was also on the floor. Apart from that, the LX445 washer-extractor, the LAVARAIL monorail system, a TT 756 gas dryer and front-load FL633 gas dryer, and a single lane towel folder were prominently displayed. The company also featured the newest software package for osLaundry, the highly successful control system that can be built into all Lavatec equipment and helps make plant management more efficient.

Fabritec announced the release of a brand-new product for the Stamford line of drycleaning spotters. STRIKE is an all-purpose drycleaning pre-spotter designed for use in all solvents and removes soil, perspiration, grease and other common stains. STRIKE can be applied directly to the soiled area and drycleaned while wet – no brushing or flushing needed.

Showcased were soft-mount Wet Cleaning Machines and demonstrations of their advanced Inteli control. The control is claimed to make every variable of the wet cleaning process programmable, including water temperature and levels; number of baths, rinses and pre-washes; automatic chemical injection; extract speed; and wash-rotation speed and duration (including zero rotation).