Innovative new custom-made dyeing service from Italy

Italian C.P. Company introduces a new custom-made dyeing service. The service will be named ‘Bespoke Colour’ and is to be launched on 1st November 2018: at first in limited numbers on the heavy fleece Goggle hoody.

With this new service the company – as innovative founder of the new garment dyeing technique in the early seventies – claims to bring a new chapter in the book of garment dyeing.  The company states that passionate collectors and ‘connoisseurs’ are more and more searching for limited and unique products. Customers will be able to order any colour they wish exclusively for their jackets; thus creating a complete individual style. The process will be as follows: supported by a ‘colour tailor’ the customer will be able to choose his favourite colour from various Pantone-colour options; subsequently the selection is sent to Milan. After approval of the sample the coat will be processed through various dyeing techniques during a period of two weeks. Then the finished product will be sent to the owner. What can be more unique and individual than having a coat in a colour no one else has… Source: C.P. Company