InstaGranny. Octogenarian Laundry Owners in Taiwan Social Media Sensations

Hsu Sho-er is 84 years old and her husband, Wanji, 83 own a dry cleaning business in Taiwan, and they saw their business decline dramatically during the lockdown. Having an unexpected amount of free time, with the help of their grandson who opened an Instagram account for them,  wantshowasyoung .

The couple have run their laundry for decades in a small town near the central city of Taichung. Over the years, customers have either forgotten or failed to collect reams of clothing that the couple never felt able to throw away. They had the idea to appear on the famous platform, dressed in the clothes forgotten by their customers.

Their initiative became instantly successful. The virtual fashion show has now almost 700.000 followers. Not forgetting business, the senior couple send a message to their customers such as “remember to wash your clothes” or “don’t forget to pick up the clothes from your drycleaner.