Intensification of Textile Use, Applied for PPE

If you have experienced water or fire damage to your property it takes more than a good insurance to get you back on your feet. Fortunately, there are companies that can help to minimize the aftermath.

CRDN –an international organization of textile and electronics restoration experts offer services to restore garments, household fabrics and consumer electronics. From restoring domestic water and fire damaged textiles to drying firefighters’ PPE.  In many cases insurers do not have to pay out for new items. To eliminate unpleasant odours in special care fabrics, Cole and Wilson – the laundry, dry- and wet cleaning division of Christeyns – added a new and environmentally-friendly softener to its wet cleaning portfolio. It is claimed to remove bad smells such as smoke, sweat and humidity. Ideal Manufacturing has two products that are said to deal with cleaning firefighters’ PPE – including the reflective strips. Phoenix Clean (Pc) is a powerful concentrated detergent liquid for heavy commercial and industrial soiling. It is very economical in use and can revive damaged linen.

After a disaster such laundry-related services are vital. They not only help people or businesses to get back to their feet, but insurance companies will not have to pay out for new items and that has a positive effect on insurance policies.