International certification: a brief overview

CINET strives to stimulate the development of Professional Textile Care (PTC) worldwide. Webinars and workshops, the Business School and WOPCOM are a few means used to inform the whole industry. CINET also offers a quality and hygiene management program which helps companies to develop their own tailormade quality and hygiene management system.

 Cerclean®: International reference standard for PTC Best Practices
CINET has developed Cerclean® for both Industrial Textile Services (ITS) and Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC).

  • Aim is to help companies worldwide to develop a quality and hygiene management system to achieve more efficiency, more sustainabilty, safe working conditions and a higher and consistent quality level. Cerclean® provides an international reference which can be adapted to the national state of the art and circumstances.
  • Pillars of the certification program are
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • EN 14065 Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control (RABC)
    • International best practises and international standards
  • The program includes e-learning including formats/examples which enable companies to develop a company specific quality and hygiene management system in a cost effective way
  • The program helps companies
    • To implement international best practices
    • To comply with applicable national legislation and guidelines
    • With setting quality objectives
    • With handling hazardous chemicals,
    • With proper maintenance of machinery,
    • With good housekeeping,
    • With Complaint management,
    • With productivity improvement
    • With energy savings.
  • The program has a step-by-step approach so companies can develop the quality and hygiene management system at their own pace with support form CINET-experts.
  • Cerclean® is used in many countries as an international reference standard and supported by national associations.


The Netherlands

 Industrial Textile Service

  • Certex® is an accredited quality management system
    • Benchmark in Dutch heathcare
    • All ITS-companies serving healthcare are certified under Certex
    • Conformity assessement body is TÜV Netherlands
  • Pillars are
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • EN 14065 Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control (RABC)
  • Includes laundry specific requirements
    • Water quality
    • Microbial requirements/limits for textiles
      • Healthcare
      • Industry food
      • Hotels with care patients
  • Actual developments:
    • Internationalization
      • (Major) Dutch ITS-companies part of international companies
      • Certex® certification available for subsidiaries abroad
    • Development of sub-scheme for Hotel & Leisure
      • Specific requirements and guidelines
      • Optimization process for applicant for more efficiency, less time/cost
        • Digital support (forms, procedures)
        • Online audits

Retail Textile Cleaning

  • NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee Certificate
    • Specific scheme for dry cleaners
    • 65% of members are certified
      • Developed in corporation with and accepted by Dutch authorities
      • Focus on
        • Compliance with environmental legislation and occupational health and safety legislation
        • Application of international best practices and (inter)national standards
        • Quality and efficiency
  • NETEX Cerclean®
      • Program made available for Dutch market
      • Incorporates NETEX Environmental certificate