International Sustainable Hospitality Alliance calls for Action in entire value chain!

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is a global organisation that is aimed at helping the hospitality industry to achieve a positive impact for the planet. Together with its members, the Alliance has developed a program ‘the Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality for the Planet’. In a recent interview is Alliance chairman Wolfgang Neumann described the current situation.

Neumann: “Let’s face that in the hospitality industry we are extremely dependent on our planet, we cannot function if our planet is not maintained in its beauty”. He also mentions the social responsibility as the second leg of hospitality. Neumann: ”The industry offers great opportunities to avoid unemployment (for younger generations) and we also have a role to play with respect to human rights.”

Six months ago, the Alliance launched an affiliated membership for brands and operators in the entire value chain. Neumann: “If you really want to create net positive impact, you must start at the very beginning of the journey. The very moment when you chose a location, it is exactly when the architect, the investor, the consultant, the brand, the legal consultant… everybody must be involved in process. Those various profiles generate a wealth of knowledge and experience’.