Ireland-based 3SIXTY uses upcycled plastic waste in linen range

Every year millions of tons of rubbish end up in the oceans, with 75 per cent laying deep on the sea bed. When nothing changes, plastic waste is predicted to outweigh the fish in the sea by 2050! It goes without saying that businesses across many sectors too are turning their focus towards the importance of protecting our planet.

As part of a fast-paced industry using a high level of textiles, hoteliers are able to make a positive impact on the environment. Ireland based company 3SIXTY was created to help them achieve that. The company provides hospitality products to hotels, cruise liners and brands.  The company has now begun a collaboration with Seaqual, the organisation which helps to clean the world’s oceans by upcycling plastic marine waste into new everyday products, as the innovative Seaqual fibre.

3SIXTY’S Colm Walsh: “For every kilo of the fibre used, a kilo of rubbish is removed from the sea bed. For example, a 100 bedroom hotel, using our Eco-Ocean range of towels, bathrobes, bed linen, duvets and pillows, could help take 1.6 metric tonnes of waste from the ocean. We strongly believe this is an exceptional opportunity for the hospitality industry to make a difference.”