Ironing developments in the Indian laundry market

Although India’s laundry industry has considerably grown in the past years, new implementations are still on the agenda, such as recent innovations in ironing. Flatwork irons were common both in India and worldwide, but oil heated machines, chest heated machines and roller heated machines start to take over. They are being made for the Indian market and a small percentage for export. Stefab and Fabcare are leading players in the Indian laundry industry and they continue to bring innovations on the market.

Steam heated machines prevailed in the market for a long time, but the Indian market mainly consists of 80-20 cotton-polyester fabrics. Since laundries are trying to use machines that can be suitable for all fabrics, steam consumption is being gradually reduced. Apart from that, India has begun to manufacture washer-extractors based on the principle that garments that have less moisture in them, get ironed faster. Once the moisture content is decreased and the speed of the washer extractor of the washing machines is increased, this modification will lead to results desired.

Other points of attention are increase of ironing speed, preventing and operator safety. Future trends are expected to lead to a single, integrated drying, ironing and folding system, which can deal with a variety of fabrics. Finally, the need to increase output and decrease manual labour involved in these processes remains.