Is a circular fashion industry on the way?

Finland’s Infinited Fiber Company – known domestically as a fashion industry changer – is raising millions to scale up their production. This summer, H&M and Adidas already invested in the company. Now Zalando has also joined. In addition to the fashion brands, a number of “regular financiers” and Sateri (a large viscose producer) are also investing in the company.

According to insiders, the company has the potential to change the entire textile industry. The company has developed a technology that converts textile waste containing a lot of cotton into a new material: Infinna. This fabric is similar to cotton, but biodegradable and can be recycled again with other textile waste at the end of its life. With the investments – more than 30 million – the company wants to scale up production and start the construction of their flagship factory. They want to produce 30,000 tons of Infinna here, using renewable energy.

But sustainability goes beyond energy. CEO Petri Alava explains that water consumption for the production of Infinna is a fraction of the water used to grow an equal amount of conventional cotton. Because no agricultural land or forests are needed and existing waste streams are used as our raw material, existing materials remain in circulation and the pressure on natural resources is reduced.