ISO publishes circular economy draft standards

Massive efforts are being made on all fronts to stimulate the circular economy, including through all kinds of transition agendas. But standards can also contribute to this transition from the current linear economy to a more sustainable, fully circular economy in 2050. ISO publishes three international draft standards for this purpose:

  • ISO CD 59004 gives substance to a conceptual framework and a common language so that everyone understands each other regarding circularity. In addition, it contains guidelines for implementing circularity in business operations.
  • ISO CD 59010 describes circular business models that help in the transition from a linear to a circular business practice.
  • ISO CD 59020 provides a method to measure circularity at different system levels so that insight is gained into where a company stands when it comes to circularity. On the basis of this, companies can substantiate the circularity of products, services or processes and ‘green claims’.

These are first concept versions that will be followed in 2023 by new concept versions. It is envisaged that the final standards can be published in 2024.