January 2017; CINET welcomes new member: Datamars

Datamars is one of the leading global suppliers of high performance unique-identification solutions, specializing in RFID technology.

Datamars concentrates on three markets – companion animal ID, livestock ID and textile ID – with an enduring focus on innovation and has established a very good reputation globally for quality and performance. The company provides complete and customized identification solutions enabling its clients to optimize critical operations and maximize efficiency.

Datamars was founded in 1988 and nowadays employs more than 600 people worldwide with offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A clear vision of where, when and how unique ID can go beyond simple asset tracking to provides enhanced, positive returns on investment for clients. The laundry industry is one of the three markets served by Datamars; inventory management and sorting for rental textiles including healthcare and hospitality, event rental and industrial laundry.

Datamars is an ISO 9001 certified company, maintaining an unprecedented level of operational excellence in manufacturing.