Japan-based Toray innovates to fight water scarcity

Toray Industries, Inc. is a multinational corporation – headquartered in Japan – that specializes in industrial products centered on technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. Its founding business areas were fibres and textiles, as well as plastics and chemicals.

The company recently announced that it has developed a new small-sized reverse osmosis (RO) membrane element with dramatically improved water recovery. Highly efficient water generation with energy saving is realized through a technology that limits the resistance of the feed water and purified water flowing through the RO membrane to the minimum, thus boosting the flow velocity of feed water. RO membrane elements are used in the purification of various types of water and development of the technology to further improve water recovery performance is required to respond to the worsening water problems around the world every passing year.

In the Toray Group Sustainability Vision – announced in 2018 – contributing to solving the water scarcity faced by the world and reducing the burden on the environment by utilizing water treatment membrane technology has been declared to be the company’s main mission.