Jensen Performance Days Palma de Mallorca; Creating the Future by Automation in Laundry!

Palma de Mallorca; Big Data, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic revolution and Integrated processing were just some of the key issues addressed at the successful Jensen Performance days in Palma de Mallorca 23 – 29 April last. Of course the guests from mainly Europe were also updated on new processing technologies, including the new CBW Universal P 50, RFID features, extractors, finishers, et cetera and via multilingual Workshops informed about:  improved performances in heavy-duty laundries serving healthcare, hospitality and industrial laundries.  However much of the dialog was especially on digitalization and the way this will support productivity, efficiency and todays/tomorrows quality of services of laundries to customers and endusers. As CEO Mr. Jesper Munch Jensen stated in his keynote speech: “Jensen is committed to develop digitalization as a key technology for the future”.

Palma Arena: well attended showfloor of new innovations


Jensen sees a mutual benefit in cooperation to accelerate and improve innovation in a variety of specific areas. As a result of this, the cooperation with Gotli Labs was established. Connecting all machines in the laundry to the Globe system, is offering  a real time insight in processing on the “Shop floor” which gives optimal insights to the “Top floor”. Creating data is seen as the most important goal because it enables managers to optimize their processes upon the actual real time  performance. It is not the WHAT question but the WHY question that makes the difference, Mr. Anne de Boer, CEO Gotli Labs, emphasized to an interested audience. Answering the why question is understanding why things are as they are, leading to solutions how they can be improved immediately. Meanwhile Jensen has set up demonstration plants in Belgium and the UK to show the value of the concept.

RFID solutions can contribute in many ways to productivity and quality substantially. As Textilligence demonstrated the advantages of modern RFID technologies, offering a wide variety of very interesting intelligent linen solutions.  The new Fujitsu 5th generation tags (introduced later this year) and state-of-the-art antenna technology (smaller tags of 6 – 7 mm width) enable direct insertion into the smallest linen fabrics and garments. Both Textilligence and Gotli Labs are part of Clover4; a Laundry Information Platform (

Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the modern laundry

“We remove the dirty work.” Mr. Mads Andresen Laundry Nerd and CEO of Inwatec explained in his keynote presentation. Inwatec signed a cooperation agreement with Jensen last year. Using Artificial Intelligence, Robots and X-ray technologies in new sorting and picking solutions for dirty laundry is making the industry “nice to work in”, according to Mr. Andresen. Artificial Intelligence is making robots less stupid and is creating the future in Automation. On the showfloor in the arena the latest machine for industrial applications was demonstrated and explained by the Inwatec team. The technology is meanwhile available. The perspective is extremely promising because by implementing further improvements an even higher productivity seems feasible.


Textilligence: Advanced RFID-solutions
Inwatec: Automatic processing dirty linen


The organization of this event, so it seems, fits in the Jensen strategy for global growth, offering high quality added value processing solutions based upon innovative new technologies. These new technologies were presented in four sections: Hospitality, Healthcare, Industry  and Alpha by Jensen.

We remove the dirty work!

In the Hospitality section the new design, one box, easy to handle and operate CBW Universal P 50 was introduced, as well as a new high capacity finishing line. For Healthcare a new cornerless high speed feeding was presented and for Industrial segments the Inwatec automated soil sorting material solutions were demonstrated.

ALPHA by Jensen

For the first time in Europe the second brand ALPHA by Jensen was introduced. This new brand of stand alone machines is produced by Jensen in China by a European management and according to European Quality Standards. The concept here is: “ simply get the job done” according to Mr. Martin Rauch. Good quality solutions for attractive competitive offers. These machines are meant to be exported from China to Europe and other market areas.


Feel the Jensen Spirit!

The visitors of the Jensen Performance Days were received with an excellent prepared program of expert explanations, personal dialog and demonstrations by sales and technical experts from all over Europe. Lively discussions, great exchange of information and an excellent atmosphere during daytime as well as during the well attended Jensen Cocktail Party in the evening with local food and good music. Because after all good personal contacts and a culture of spirit and trust are  pre-conditions for new successful projects and the future of the laundry.

Lively discussions at the Jensen Cocktail Party in the Belneario Beach Club