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Jensen: productivity and robotics: creating the future in laundry automation

Smart technologies and new materials handling solutions are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries. Jensen presented the results of investments in laundry robotics, artificial intelligence and Big Data that confirm their vision to automate all processes in the laundry.


 Jensen demonstrated the brand-new THOR robot engineered by their partner Inwatec. THOR automatically separates all soiled articles, meaning t-shirts, uniforms, towels and flat linen. Depending on the article size, THOR is claimed to handle up to 1500 pieces per hour. Automatic separation improves the employee health and safety, as it reduces the risk of injuries and infections. On top of that, the equipment is safe as well. The robot picks up the laundry pieces from conveyor belts and transport them to the X-ray scanner, which detects unwanted objects hidden in the pockets. At the same time, an RFID chip reader registers the garment and determines further sorting in the system. All these tasks can now be performed by a few operators who only have to empty the pockets of the discarded garments. The new THOR allows no distinction between linen or garments.

Quite a few laundries all over the world have become pioneers in their field, utilizing robots from Inwatec to automate the soil sort.


Additionally Jensen displayed the new XR dryer to process big cakes with a diameter of 51 inches. The wider opening also allows a faster unloading, with savings of 10-20 seconds per batch: Laundries can process more loads within one shift thanks to the new AirWave feature. AirWave also speeds up the subsequent finishing process with its unique blow-out, reducing tangling of linen.

In the finishing section, the new Express Pro feeder was presented, which will double the PPOH in laundries processing laundry from the healthcare, hospitality, and food & beverage sectors.

Furthermore were presented:

  • the new KliQ feeder
  • the new Kando folder
  • the new Fox 1200 garment folder
  • the new MetriQ loading station
  • and the new GeniusFlow solution.

“The JENSEN-GROUP management was delighted with the outcome of the show, which was one that everybody had been anxiously waiting for. Jensen was very satisfied with the contacts and leads.”