Job Seekers ‘Dress for Success’ thanks to Partnership Laundry Service & Library

In Brixton UK a ‘clothes borrowing venture’ has recently entered the market.  A local laundry business enterprise and the town’s library service have created a partnership to offer support to the local community. The new operation should enable job seekers to borrow smart clothes for their next job interview to help them dress for success.

Matt Connelly founder and CEO of ‘ihateironing’ initiated the project and stated: “Competition for jobs is particularly high. It means when someone gets selected for an interview, every part of that interview matters. We understand that clothes for an interview can be expensive, so we are building a collection of clothes at Brixton Library that can be borrowed to help everyone dress for success.”

Ihateironing is an on-demand drycleaning and laundry delivery service by a network of local entrepreneurs. The company is will help find and supply outfits for the library to lend out and will clean and return the clothes for free after each use. The library receives suitable clothes that have either never been collected by the laundry customers. When the project has attracted more attention and awareness, more and more customers will no doubt also donate nearly new items that they do not use themselves.