Join CINET LIVE! PTC Specials: Digitization & Innovation generate growth! (RTC: July 7 and ITS: July 8)

Continuously driven as the PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET is amplifying the initiatives in creating international open-platforms for sharing knowledge and experience during the coronavirus crisis. Supported by numerous reputed experts in the Professional Textile Care industry, national associations, international suppliers and other organizations. CINET has a high focus on: SUSTAINABILITY, HYGIENE, DIGITIZATION & INNOVATION.

CINET LIVE! Digitization & Innovation generate growth! will take place in 2 different sessions:

  • RTC (B-to-C): July 7 at 15:00 CET
  • ITS (B-to-B): July 8 at 15:00 CET

Starting points. Innovation & new technologies are being introduced and implemented in society every day. The pace of innovation – with platforms, blockchain, 3D printing, biotech, virtual & augmented reality, IoT (internet of things), Big data, robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) to name a few – is mind blowing from time to time.


Structure per session

  • Mediator: Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET
  • Content:
    • Main sub-themes:
      • Automatisation
      • Robotisation
      • Key concepts
    • Logistics
    • Digital processes
    • Showcases presentations & animations
    • Young entrepreneurs
    • Discussions


Innovation & new business models

New technologies in PTC are often centred around cost as ‘cost leadership’ strategies are most common in the professional textile care industry. Improving profit margins and increasing market share (geographically) by increasing scale of operations and competing with other industrial laundries. With new markets however, the applied technology is focusing on the optimization of the customer journey (add customer value) to justify the price for outsourcing.