Join the CINET Live! PTC Specials: Hygiene as a driver in Corona times! (RTC on June 2 at 15.00 CET and ITS on June 3 at 15.00 CET)

COVID 19 corona has forced the PTC industry to focus on hygiene as the # 01 priority. And this didn’t happen exclusively in the sector, but also major customers had to redefine their priorities.

Continuously driven as the PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET is amplifying the initiatives in creating international open-platforms for sharing knowledge and experience during the coronavirus crisis. Supported by numerous reputed experts in the Professional Textile Care industry, national associations, international suppliers and other organizations. HYGIENE is one of the 3 main focus areas of CINET since the beginning of the pandemic, together with SUSTAINABILITY, DIGITIZATION & INNOVATION.

The CINET Live! PTC Special: Hygiene as a driver in Corona times! live events are aimed for companies and professionals in Retail Textile Cleaning (Business-to-Consumer: drycleaning and wetcleaning) and Industrial Textile Services (Business-to-Business: industrial laundries) interested in integrating best practices in terms of the hygienic treatment of textiles and safe working procedures.


Program Live Event
CINET Live! PTC Specials:
Hygiene as a driver in Corona times!

Note: The structure of the Program will be the same on June 2nd and June 3rd, the focus of each segment will be centered on RTC segment (Business-to-Consume): June 2nd at 15.00 CET and on ITS segment (Business-to-Business): June 3rd  at 15.00 CET. Feel free to enroll to the webinar that matches your company’s focus.

15:00 – 15:10. Introduction, by Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET

·         Hygiene in PTC before and during Corona
·         CINET’s initiatives in the field of Hygiene, with experts support
·         CINET Live! PTC Specials
·         This session’s objectives

15:10 – 15:25. Quality & Hygiene Management, by Frank Aarts, Executive Director Certification at CINET

·         Certification: so much more than a certificate
·         Quality and Hygiene Management: requirements, process flow
·         Certificate. Proof of conformity

15:25 – 15:40. Hygiene developments, by Simon Hemmes, Chairman of the CINET International Hygiene Advisory Committee

·         Hygiene alerts
·         Desinfection of corona contaminated textiles

15:40 – 15:55. Activities of the International Hygiene Advisory Committee, by Simon Hemmes

·         CINET inititative
·         Objectives
·         Publications
·         International cooperation

15:55 – 16:10. Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT)

·         Corona-free cleaning
·         New Detergents
·         Efficiency

16:10 – 16:25.  Using Hygiene for new market opportunities, by Nicolae Damu, International Marketing & Communication at CINET

·         Customer expectations/demands
·         Showcases
·         Use of Hygienical Cleaning as a Communication tool

16:25 – 16:45. Questions

16:45. Closure of CINET Live! Event


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