Join The International Manifesto for the Professional TEXTILE Care INDUSTRY

At GBPAP2020 (Nov 4th and 5th, 2020), CINET focused on sustainability of the textile supply chain. Globally textiles are the no 2 polluter after coal and chemicals. This is mainly because the world’s population is rapidly growing and some 85% of all textiles are rarely used (wardrobe of mostly women) and/or not sold, and/or throwed away as waste (fast fashion). Hence, the objective of this manifest is to develop an effective cooperation in textiles supply chain with a better circularity and usage of textile materials of a higher quality. From “fast fashion to slow fashion”.


Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer’s presentation on Sustainability, as a Business Opportunity

The potential for further improvements in sustainability and circularity is immense. Knowing that Professional Textile Care has a 5 times more sustainable performance over domestic cleaning.


International Sustainability Manifesto

For this reason CINET took the initiative to set up the International Sustainability Manifesto for the TEXTILE care INDUSTRY. Meanwhile this manifest have been signed up by an increasing number of organizations who seek a better sustainability and want to enlarge the current PTC markets. CINET welcomes further support of all who care for our planet.


Leon Wennekes, presenting the Sustainability Manifesto during GBPAP2020

The Sustainability Manifesto is an initiative of the PTC Industry, taking responsibility towards a sustainable & circular future.  During The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 Event CINET presented the International Manifesto for the Professional Textile Care Industry to stimulate a perspective of a Sustainable and Circular Future. Dozens of textile and fashion industry companies, experts, PTC suppliers, Governmental institutions, industry experts, NGO’s, individual companies, etc have already joined the manifesto.

Companies that have supported the Sustainability Manifesto until now

Mr. Ruud Veltenaar claimed at a last years conference;  “Sustainability will be the most important driver for new business the coming years”.  So, start small for each person to consider and let’s preserve our planet.