Kick-Off Meeting For The International Hygiene Advisory Committee

Wednesday December 9th, members of the International Hygiene Advisory Committee had a first virtual meeting. Corona was a catalyst to establish this committee which was announced during the Global Best Practices Awards Program, November 5th last.

Covid-19 and other severe health risks lead to many questions on how to treat textiles properly so they will be hygienically clean after treatment but also how to guarantee safe working conditions for employees. Main objective is creating consistent recommendations for the laundries, their customers (such as hospital, food and hospitality industry) and their staff. This in order to maximise hygiene awareness and minimise or even better avoid hygiene related incidents.

One of the means is providing monitor outbreaks and developing solid laundry protocols which guarantee hygienically clean textiles and safe working conditions. For this a multidisciplinary team has been created, consisting of: a hygienist (hospital),  doctors, microbiologists and experts from detergent suppliers. Chairman of this International Hygiene Advisory Committee is Mr. Simon Hemmes, an esteemed and established expert in the laundry industry.

Mr. Simon Hemmes, Chairman of The International Hygiene Advisory Committee