Kick-off online “wet cleaning” event as part of BÜFA Care 4.0

In times of Corona, where on-site seminars or trips abroad are hardly or not at all possible, BÜFA embraces the streaming options. A series of webinars on the topic of “wet cleaning” started in the company’s own technical centre. The advantages of wet cleaning within the framework of BÜFA Care 4.0 were demonstrated in practice and the theory behind it was explained to the participants. At the end of the webinar, the participants had the opportunity to discuss their questions about wet cleaning with experts from BÜFA and the machine industry. Further webinars will follow in cooperation with BÜFA’s trade partners in the respective countries.

BÜFA Care 4.0 is the name of a program package of 8 washing programs 6 products with which all common types of laundry can be washed at a high quality level. One washing program is devoted to the care of delicate items (wetcleaning) that are not normally washable (with conventional laundry).