KioSoft Laundry App Tops 3 Million Users

The pandemic has boosted the transition to mobile payment and the use of cash alternatives. This especially occurred as a result of regular disruptions in the coin supply. In 2017 Kio Soft – a US-based technology leader in the payments – and  laundry industry in 35 countries – noted that consumers increasingly relied on their mobile phones for completing daily tasks. Consequently, the company developed an app-based solution in the laundry market.

CleanPay Mobile is available on both Android and iOS and enables users to add funds, view machine availability, start machines, and request refunds all within a few clicks. In addition, the app delivers real-time information so that customers know when to return to the laundromat. The app provides laundromat owners with the ability to own their customer data, access KioSoft’s cloud-based reporting and management system, and brand the app. Apart from that, the app offers additional technology for flexible payment options, including kiosks that allow for payment by laundry card and pay-at-the-machine readers.

The company reports that operators have seen an increase of more than 20 percent in net new revenue and a decrease of 10 percent in operational costs when using the app.