Kreussler’s branding essentials for drycleaners

Reaching clients and growing business with marketing is familiar to most local business owners. Social media nowadays expands the options to grow online presence and build offline sales.

Setting up accounts is a first step, which should be completed with location tagging and correct usage of hashtags; it will show up on the location post. Hashtag and location pages include public photos and videos that were shared with the corresponding hashtag or location.

Sharing specials and coupons through Instagram or Twitter builds loyalty and grows the amount of followers locally.

The new Facebook app, called Facebook Local, helps dry cleaners to show up in search, Facebook Page ratings and reviews will also be shown and details such as opening hours being used, which underlines the importance of keeping social media up-to-date.

Creating a brand identity, designing a logo for building trust and being recognized asks for consistency to use the same design and colors on each post and situation. Images and graphics to be used must match to brand and might require a graphic designer to bring this all together.

Branding takes time and effort, but doing this correctly will be rewarded!