Lapauw Market Overview – Now and Beyond Covid-19 

Lapauw’s president Philippe D’heygere and CEO Steven Renders recently released a message to the industry. First of all, they praised the commitment and hard work of frontline healthcare workers. Additionally, they presented their view of how they expect to operate during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Throughout the crisis, a reduced company-team – taking all necessary precautions of social distancing – is still working to continue production of already ordered machines. Besides, the company remains shipping equipment all around the world to customers who need it . Thanks to its open spare parts policy, the Belgian factory still has a large stock of components in its on-line support. So far, customers have not experienced significant delays in supply of equipment. Although travelling for technicians was heavily restricted, the company’s  stock of new and second-hand equipment has also helped out some of its healthcare customers  in immediate need of additional capacity.

In their joint message, the two executives hoped for a quick, but controlled reduction of the lockdown measures. They see that Asian countries are starting up again and are looking forward to an increase in orders as global economies begin to recover and return to acceptable levels of business.