Lapauw Streamlines Operations and Focuses on High Performance in View of COVID-19

After the departure of long-serving CEO Steven Renders, laundry solutions manufacturer Lapauw’s owner Philippe D’Heygere now holds the positions of both CEO and president. In this new capacity he is also faced with the COVID-19 effects and therefore he has rapidly started to change some ‘imperfections’ in the company’s structure.


The measures taken are:

  • Overhead costs have been reduced to their most efficient level.
  • The R&D department has moved into a ‘War Room’ with a team of excellent engineers not only focusing on producing high performing laundry machines, but also on the very important ecological parameters.
  • Weekly follow-up, and direct video call contact with all salespeople in daughter companies.
  • The company’s factory in the Czech Republic will help to reduce the labour cost and add the needed extra production capacity.

D’Heygere stated that the Group is getting lean and mean and is ready to face the fierce competition. Apart from that he said that the Covid-19 crisis eventually showed the world that hygiene and healthcare are of vital importance. In that respect the company anticipated to that awareness and stated to have invented and patented its Mediwave and the Medistream barrier washers and dryers for cleanrooms and hospitals.