Launderers in New Zealand ban Plastic Bags

More and more laundries in New Zealand have started to stop using plastic bags or plastic covers to protect the cleaned garments during transportation.

Although customers seem to be satisfied without this kind of coverage of their clothing, the industry is also looking for alternatives. For instance, one laundry uses compostable dry cleaning bags, which decompose to approximately 95% within a period of six weeks. The bags are only provided if a customer asks for it. They do not disturb the quality of the product nor do they bring about any change in the laundry processes. Another laundry owner stated that clients are completely happy with their garment clean and uncovered.

This development seems to be a logical consequence of the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags that has been effective in the country as from 1 July 2019. The ban is meant to help reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.