Laundering the Clothing More Essential Than Ever in the Firehouse

There were times that firefighters worked wearing “seasoned” gear, such as soot-stained coats and pants. It was proof of their fights against dangerous blazes and fires and they were proud of it. However, times change and we have gained the knowledge that seasoned gear contains dangerous carcinogens, which lives on through harmful substances attached to the gear.

Laundry equipment has become as much a part of firefighters safety as helmets and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Uniforms are made up of a variety of technical fibres. The firefighter uniform contains technical fibres designed into personal protective equipment (PPE). They are to protect them from searing heat, keep them visible in the disorienting smoke-filled environments. Consequently, great care must be taken in laundering this important gear to get it clean without damaging the life-protecting qualities of the fibres.

Visibility is also a critical factor. PTC only cand guarantee a washing process that ensures that.

Organisations planning for laundering PPE will first need to get familiar with NFPA 1851 – an international guideline for the selection, care and maintenance of firefighting protective clothing outfit to reduce health and secure safety. Since washing PPE requires a specialized approach – as does drying – partnering with a full-service distributor will not only provide solid solutions to fire-departments, but will also enable the next step in firefighter safety.