Laundrapp to Develop Drone Pickup and Delivery in UK

Laundrapp recently announced plans to launch a new service that will enable customer’s laundry picked up and delivered by drone. The company intends to work with its commercial suppliers to develop a new safe framework for drone delivery.

Allan Warburton – the company’s managing director stated that since they have always been  focused on innovative technology, the launch of ‘Laundry Drone’ is a logical way of working with customers and partners to find new ways of serving a growing customer base. The drone will have to be an environmentally friendly and economical service to customers, who rely on the company to pick up and deliver shirts, bedding, and suits within 24 hours. For the development of the drone, there are plans to start a focus group with its customers, suppliers and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to determine the safest way to operate the service before launch.

Laundrapp is part of Inc & Co – an investment company that offers high-level strategic support to high growth digital companies and agencies across the U.K..