LaundroLab Franchisees in USA Can Become ‘Laundropeneurs’

In 2016 Alex Smereczniak and Dan D’Aquisto raised $10 million in venture capital and founded on-demand laundry service 2ULaundry to provide services to busy professionals and families. Within two years, the company had expanded beyond the region. Consequently, the business needed a new kind of facility to manage the large quantities of laundry that had to be managed daily. Together with Electrolux,  the two founders initiated The Laundry Room – an innovative concept for Laundromats.

CEO Smereczniak stated that although the initiative was initially intended to support the growth of the laundry service itself, it also allowed testing a completely new concept in the traditional laundromat market. The new venture resulted in a franchise concept aimed marketing their service model, eco-friendly machines and industry-leading technology across the US.