Laundromap, the first laundry and drycleaning app in New Zealand

The trend of laundry and drycleaning apps is becoming a global one. Laundromap, New Zealand’s first digital app featuring on-demand door-to-door service for washing service, benefitted of a successful launching in Auckland and now it expands its coverage with 2 other major cities: Wellington and Christchurch.

The founders made Laundromap available for both iOS and Android devices. The starting point of this start-up was the increased need of New Zealand’s big cities inhabitants to improve their live-work balance. A recent survey showed that Christchurch has the lowest score in the work-life balance satisfaction, therefore the demand for time-efficient digital services is increasing, in order to allow the active locals to dedicate more time to leisure activities in their free time.

Wellington and Christchurch represent only the first step in Laundromap’s expansion. The next ones will include more cities across New Zealand and even Australia.