Laundry at its Best … Smart Shield to protect Hospitality Linen

Hygiene chemicals specialist Christeyns has developed an innovative laundry product that meets demands of commercial laundries that service the hotel and leisure industry.

Towels, bedding and other linen are subject to a variety of substances that can cause stains and discolouration. Polyquaternium stains are a frustrating phenomenon in many laundries that wash hospitality linen. The substance is often found in shampoo and shower gels which hotels offer to their guests. Unfortunately, this polymer causes dark spots on freshly washed towels. Since these stains are transparent and colourless, they make it difficult to identify them before washing. The result? Rewash.

According to research carried out by Christeyns, 30% of the hair and skin products available in the hotel market contain polyquaternium-7. To avoid these stains and a rewash, the company developed ‘Smart Shield’. It is a special liquid that is to neutralise the positive charge of the polyquaternium-molecule. In this way, the dirt is no longer attracted to the polymer and stains will no longer appear. At this moment, the product is already widely available in Europe and will soon be launched into the UK as well.