Laundry On-Demand Meetup – join us on 5 June 17.30 -19.30

Presentations: 24tidy (China), Washclub (USA) and Laundrapp (UK)

‘Meet & Experience the Worlds Most Ambitious Online Platforms for Modern Professional Textile Care Services’. Laundry On-Demand is the new business model applied in the PTC industry, also known as ‘the Uber for Laundry’.CINET is inviting the most ambitious ‘Laundry On-Demand’ platforms currently active in the market to share their story with a pitch-presentation on their concept. You can expect presentations from 24Tidy (China), WashClubTrax (USA) and Laundrapp (UK).

In between plenty of opportunity for networking is arranged. The Meetup is an open invitation for like-minded stakeholders in the laundry industry to join. The goal is to bring people together, exchange info on latest developments and have a great time while doing this. Please register to keep informed about the program via the website.

Rick Rome – CEO WashClubTrak (USA): ‘We are only at the very beginning of this consumer-driven shift in our industry. Inexistent five years ago, laundry on demand is now a $75-100mn industry in the US.’

Jack de Montaignac – CMO Laundrapp (UK): ‘Laundry on Demand brings millennials (new customers) into the industry, and is changing the habit of existing customers.’

Zongchang Yao – CEO Tidy (China): ‘Tidy is the first and largest national online clothing care brand (in China). Tidy provides comprehensive door-to-door service, including Tidy Cleaning, Tidy Flowers and Tidy Interior Greens Plants Rental in 12 first, second -tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen etc.