Laundry & Latte … how a dream came true!

After running their launderette Dee Creases Limited in Brentwood, UK for 15 years its founders – Dee Anderson and Sarah-Jane Adams – came across a washing machine breakdown while parts were not available for two weeks! Although other launderettes in the area seemed to be out of date, they realized that washing services were still in demand. But … a transformation had to happen.

Since laundry is one of the most time consuming household activities, they wanted to give that time back to customers in a new launderette business model. They sought the help of an interior designer, external consultant, a builder and AGS Limited. The positive environmental impact of using ecological Electrolux Professional equipment with increased utility savings and plant-based detergents would encourage customers to look after their garments rather than simply dispose and re-buy. Contributing to real environmental change is what they hope to can make a difference in.

Laundry & Latte opened in October and has already created positive vibes. Everyone who enters the door is enthusiastic about the launderette & coffee shop concept as well as the atmosphere they experience. The founders dream to eventually roll out this business model over the entire UK and
thus can make a difference to the lives of customers.