Laundry Productivity Boost by Express Feeding System

As we all know “Express” delivery of parcels is a worldwide service that is provided by numerous companies.  However, if a laundry wants ‘Express’ delivery of sheets to the finishing line, only a few companies are able to provide this service. Jensen claims to be one of them. The company states to have developed a remote feeding system with a fast cornerless feeding solution. The system  is to reach a record high production of more than 600 hospital sheets per hour per operator.

For instance, at one of their customers’ laundries eight operators feed a mix of 5’200 hospital sheets and draw sheets into two ironer lines via the Express Pro cornerless feeding stations. To handle that number of sheets, they use the JENSEN Logic Pro Automatic 1&2 lane feeder combined with a 3-roll JENSEN Express ironer and a JENSEN Classic folder with double outlet direction and sorting on multiple stackers.

It is claimed that there is no need to identify and feed corners of the linen into clamps. The automatic sorting with the integrated size measuring (length and width) eliminates any manual operation of sorting push buttons.