Laundry program at US schools: clean clothes, improved attendance and more self-confidence!

Last year, numerous schools US-wide were accepted into a nationwide Whirlpool program to provide laundry machines at school, thus tackling one of the basic needs that prevent low-income students from going to school. The company’s Care Counts laundry program aims to help children who might otherwise miss school because of dirty uniforms. Many students do not have access to laundry facilities for a range of reasons.

According to the company’s data from schools involved in the program nationwide, average attendance went up for more than 85 percent of elementary students at participating schools. Whirlpool also claims that the laundry program can help improve academic success. More than 70 percent of participating elementary students improved their math score by one letter grade after the introduction of the laundry program, according to a news release. Likewise, nearly 70 percent of elementary students at participating schools improved their English grade by one letter grade.

As one participating school official states:  “Not having a uniform, or not having a clean uniform, can be a barrier to school attendance. Because of the program, we were able to eliminate that barrier last school year.”