Markus Kobel and Walter ten Hagen of Laundry Robotics

Laundry Robotics introduces patented advanced Robot Technology solutions US sales through Distributor Chicago

Laundry Robotics has entered into a partnership with Chicago, the well-known American brand for machines and technical solutions for laundries. The collaboration is aimed at the sale of the patented Laundry Robotics robot systems, which are sold in Europe under the names Roy and Robin. These are sold in America under the GENESIS Care brand name.

Walter ten Hagen, Commercial Director of Laundry Robotics, speaks of a breakthrough: “The demand for these systems is growing rapidly. Delivery is unfortunately only possible to a limited extent, partly due to a lack of parts. It is expected that the application of robot technology will also accelerate its entry into the American market.” Laundry Robotics has patented its key technological solutions for the functioning of the robots and thus has an advantage over the competition. The rise in wages worldwide, in Europe, but even more so in America, will only further increase the demand for labor-saving technology. Laundry Robotics anticipates this. Ten Hagen: “The development of new applications continues unabated. The necessary technology is available.”

Photo: Markus Kobel and Walter ten Hagen of Laundry Robotics