Mr. David Tiegelaar, managing director LCT-Textilligence


LCT-Textilligence attended the Cleanshow in Atlanta to promote their intelligent garment dispensing solutions. As common our solutions are in Europe, so called vending machines are not so often used in the North American markets. Specifically not the RFID based versions. After promoting our systems for many years in this show we believe the market finally starts to be ready for us.

The US market differs quite strongly from the European one. In the healthcare market only the OR and ICU are obligated to provide their employees workwear instead of the entire organisation. Now the awareness is there that we provide such solutions, this might be the time to sell good solutions to increase hygiene, control available stock and prevent theft at customer premises.

LCT-Textilligence had a joint booth together with ABS and Gotli Labs. We strengthen each other in our Clover4 concept. Big data will be the future and that is exactly the direction we want to go to. From a service perspective: the laundries can provide workwear services to their clients. At the same time from a client perspective: the entire process from laundry to end user to is transparent and manageable. The perspective must be interesting since we returned from the show with a first project to go.

Photo: Mr. David Tiegelaar, managing director LCT-Textilligence