LG’s TwinWash technology revolutionizes laundry industry

New LG’s TwinWash technology for laundry industry

LG’s TwinWash laundry technology is tapping a gap in the market, large-capacity washing machines. The TwinWash system combines two washers — a traditional front-load washer and LG SideKick Pedestal Washer. Thus users can wash two loads at the same time or independently. Consumers can choose any LG front-load washer and also add an LG SideKick to upgrade an existing front-load model, manufactured after 2009.

The LG SideKick can also be added to select top-load systems for consumers who prefer that style. The LG SideKick pedestal washer is specifically designed to wash small laundry loads including intimates, delicates and active wear. The washing machine’s Energy Monitoring feature provides helpful data while LG’s proprietary HomeChat service is available in the 21-kg system allowing users to physically text their washing machine to check the status or even start up the cycle.