Lips+ healthcare laundry (NL) is running at full speed serving hospitals during the Corona crisis

The activity is running at full speed at Lips+, an industrial laundry located in Tiel (The Netherlands). Lips+ Tiel, a CINET member, processes now 130,000 items of laundry each week (from the healthcare workers), which is 30% more than a normal week before the Corona pandemic. A special protocol for coronavirus is also in place in the plant.

Because of all the extra care staff who are working in this unprecedented period, there are many more trousers and shirts to wash. The washing of the laundry coming from corona patients requires extra attention. According to the the Dutch Health Institute (RIVM), body fluids of patients in the sheets and towels are contagious. The company therefore does not take any risks and puts the laundry in ‘quarantine’, by placing those bags in a container, for five days and after that they are washed.

Without the laundry, the hospital staff would not be able to wear clean clothes. The LIPS+ Tiel story was presented at the Omroep Gelderland TV station (see the video below – in Dutch).







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