Major Cleanroom companies all united under one unified brand: Elis Cleanroom

Following the acquisition of Berendsen by Elis in September 2017, the cleanroom branches from both groups have begun joining forces under one newly formed brand, Elis Cleanroom.
All five companies, Elis, Berendsen, SNDI, Micronclean NL and decontam, have been industry leaders and dedicated themselves to cleanroom expertise for over half a century.
The newly formed Elis Cleanroom will be an industry leader in contamination control solutions for industries including pharmaceutical, aseptic manufacturing, biomedical, engineering and life sciences. Their ethos is being a contamination control partner and offering total cleanroom solutions such as garments, cleaning systems, flooring, footwear and goggles.

Elis Cleanroom has an innovation unit for developing new products and can validate across various plants.