Malaysian Start-up offers offline Laundry Services to doorstep 

The story of Malaysian laundry start-up Mama Wosh (pronounced ‘Mama Wash’) began in 2016 when serial entrepreneur Anh Tu Sam and co-founder Holm Schimanski started a business journey together.

Sam – who is Vietnamese by descent, has a background in business computing and has spent most of his life in Germany – considers technology as the solution to a modern laundry industry. He stated that one of the early challenges Mama Wosh faced was having to build and maintain four different apps. Apart from the main app that its customers use to schedule a pick up and delivery, Sam explained that they maintain separate apps for their riders, customer care operators and cleaning facilities.

When Mama Wosh first started, Sam had the idea to build a solution that was purely digital, but soon realised that serving laundry customers was not as simple as he thought it would be.  Sam: “We had to implement quality control in the cleaning of the clothes and define the procedure across the entire value chain. It is an end-to-end process”. The company’s end goals are to build Southeast Asia’s largest laundry company and to create a solution so valuable that it can be plugged into other company’s apps to serve their customers.