MamaClean: a laundry startup in Milan

MamaClean: a laundry startup in Milan, Italy

MamaClean is an online laundry service with pick-up and delivery of items at home, active 7 days a week created in 2013. At the moment, MamaClean is active in Milan with a 12-person laboratory in Assago and with delivery staff.

It uses technologies such as online payments, order tracking, the use of algorithms to calculate the most efficient route to reach customers in the shortest possible time, notification systems that guide the customer in the purchase or remind him of the time collection and delivery up, and RFID tags.

In 2017 it received an investment of 1.5 million euros from R204 funds, Mangrove Holding SA and the Business Angel Francesco Rigamonti. Investors also include Boost Heroes and private individuals from the world of entrepreneurship, finance and consulting.