New Mexican standard for textile labels

Market Survey in Germany Shows the Importance of Care Labelling

According to a GINETEX market survey – 83 percent of German consumers pay attention to care labels and almost every second person looks at the labels before buying. These were the results of a recent survey amongst 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 on “shopping and washing behaviour”. According to Thomas Lange, chairman of GINETEX Germany – the international association for the care labelling of textiles and chief executive of the German fashion association German Fashion – “The care label has become a quality feature.”

Some other outcomes of the survey: If the care label is missing in a piece of clothing, every third consumer does not buy it. About 39 percent of the people pay attention to the symbols when washing. Due to lack of time, a  third do not pay attention to care labels. One in three of them stated that the labels were removed.

The main criteria that consumers pay attention to are appearance, value for money and quality. Every fifth person looks at the brand, every tenth at the country of origin. Lange: “If you maintain your clothing strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will get its value for a longer time and shrinking or discoloration will be prevented.”