Masterclasses by Japanese grandmaster in 2022

Mr. Masashi Shimenoki’s successful Masterclasses will be continued in 2022. An unique opportunity to follow these extremely interesting online. The masterclasses are for managers, business leaders and specialists in the field of solvents and wet cleaning.

Who is Masashi Shimenoki?

Mr. Masashi Shimenoki is Japan’s foremost expert in textile cleaning. In Japan, Mr. Shimenoki is known for his expertise and his magazine “The After” on textile cleaning, which was published monthly with a circulation of 500,000 copies. He also received international recognition for his in-depth knowledge of textiles and their care. Mr. Shimenoki wrote the famous book “Knowledge of Textile Care” which was a bestseller in Japan for many years and has since been translated into English by CINET. The book explains the value of textiles and the importance of proper care and timely professional treatment to the clothing consumer. The book is easy to read and illustrates the value of professional textile cleaning companies operating to the highest quality standards.

Masterclasses: ins and outs!

Mr. Shimenoki instructs his audience on all facets of high-quality textile care. This has Japanese roots in the history of impeccable kimonos and the time of slow fashion. The technical aspects of textiles are treated as well as the high-tech Japanese cleaning techniques. From his own experience and practical examples, Mr. Shimenoki shows how companies can distinguish themselves from the competition.

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