Mastering the Uncertainties of Risk

Most entrepreneurs can be described as being able to stay on target and keep up a certain  level of motivation despite a stressful business climate. They also demonstrate a willingness to stay committed to a specific result, since they rationally understand that there must be some benefit to taking risk: “No gain without pain.” Although risk-taking means operating outside the vicious cycle that creates fear, the psychology of risk is actually the psychology of confidence. Owner confidence in the entrepreneur often means knowing what to do in all situations.

What really determines the personality dynamics of the owner of a small business such as a laundry business? According to Dr. Abraham Zaleznik – a psychoanalyst who teaches at the Harvard Business School – an entrepreneur has a drive for autonomy, for an ability to self-control that implies an inner (unconscious) rebelliousness and fearlessness in the face of risk.

Additionally, the typical (laundry) entrepreneur seems to be absolutely sure that he or she cannot fail. Even if they have failed before, they are convinced it will not happen again. The conclusion can be that –  thanks to his or her steady path – an entrepreneur sends out a hopeful message that life is not limited, but holds fantastic promise instead.