MAXI-PRESS introduced antibacterial products for laundries

Since 2006 German company MAXI-PRESS Elastomertechnik GmbH has manufactured and sold membranes compatible with water extraction presses of all common manufacturers such as Jensen, Kannegiesser, Passat, Lavatec etc. The company operates throughout the country and industrial laundry customers in other European countries have also started to use their installation and repair service.

Since a few months, the company has been offering the unique Anti-Bact antibacterial drainage membrane to its customers. The Hohenstein Institute has confirmed the antibacterial effectiveness of the membrane. Especially laundries that offer textile services for hospitals and care facilities, have since started to use the Anti-Bact membrane.

The new membrane enables laundry to be processed more hygienically in all standard water extraction presses, since it prevents the formation of germs on the membrane surface. As a result, no germs or organic deposits are transferred from the membrane to the laundry during the entire pressing process.