Maytag introduces its Multi-Load Washer

Maytag introduces its Multi-Load Washer (USA)

Maytag Commercial Laundry is introducing the Maytag Multi-Load Washer. Designed to continually handle large, heavy loads of laundry turn after turn, the Maytag Multi-Load Washer can be configured in hundreds of different ways, allowing owners and property managers to choose among different water heating, electrical connection, controls, drain, water inlet, and construction options.

The rigid and soft-mount washers are assembled on a dedicated production line in Fall Rivers, Massachusetts and are available in 20-65lb sizes. The washers are engineered to deliver G-forces of 200 for rigid-mounts and 400 for soft-mounts – to achieve maximum extraction and help prevent unbalanced loads.  

The washer is backed by a Maytag limited parts warranty – 10/5 years for the vended market and 5/3 years for the on-premises laundry market. With a WiFi enabled system, Maytag Connect 360° Technology gives vended store owners and on-premises managers the ability to manage their operations in real-time, even when away.