Meet GBPAP2020 Innovation Winner (ITS): Prawol From Poland

The Innovation Award ITS at The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 was received by Prawol Alicja Wolska Jerzy Wolski Sp.j. Warsaw from Poland, for continuous innovation on all business aspects.


A high-quality, demanding customer fits in with the high-quality service of PRAWOL

Prawol is a modern, large-scale Industrial laundry located in the Polish capital of Warsaw. The company was founded in 1983 as part of Zakłady Pralnicze ALBA. In its 37 years of existence, the company has developed at lightning speed from a small company with only a few employees into the high-quality market player it is today. Continuously developing and improving have been key to this.

Prawol’s team, celebrating winning the Innovation trophy at GBPAP2020


A high-quality customer base

Today Prawol serves several groups of clients including the biggest hotels in Warsaw. Clients include the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains as well as several Warsaw hospitals, clinics and also Polish airlines that fly daily to and from the local airport. Prawol’s production is therefore no less than 8 million kg of laundry textile per year. The high-quality, very extensive production process was created in collaboration with technological partner Ecolab and Jensen GMBH. Prawol’s laundry services are very comprehensive and also concern textile leasing.

Prawol: a company completely designed to deliver optimum quality.


Extensive quality guarantee

Use the highest quality machine technology. Combine this with far-reaching health and safety procedures. And add typical human characteristics of Prawol employees to this such as:

  • Concerned owners;
  • Observant operators and employees;
  • Extensive knowledge and wisdom of relevant laundry processes;
  • An exceptionally good work ethic.


This, in combination with a far-reaching tendency to partnership with customers, is what makes Prawol an exclusive quality player in the field of laundry services in various branches. The guarantee of quality is underlined by the presence of certificates regarding the general quality standard ISO 9001: 2015 and the RABC PN-EN 14065 standard. The latter concerns a Risk Analysis regarding Bio-contamination Control, especially important with respect to the prevention of infections and the spread of viruses to and from textiles from hospitals.


Far-reaching sustainability is self-evident

Prawol tries to deliver the highest quality but not at the expense of everything. There is also a keen eye for sustainability. This includes the implementation of technology as well as the handling of specific procedures so that the equipment and the energy required for it are used optimally and efficiently. Intensive monitoring systems are used to determine whether unnecessary resources are being consumed. Employees are trained to pay close attention to this.

However, Prawol’s eye for sustainability also goes beyond the primary production process. The working environment is also optimized in this respect, for example by using LED lighting in the production areas. In addition, dusk and motion sensors are frequently used.

In terms of recycling, a water recycling system from Aqua Miser is used. With the help of this system, rinse water is recovered and used back in the washing process. The average water consumption per kg of laundry has therefore decreased by 2 litres since 2016. Logistics to and from customers is also optimized by using vehicles with low emission values and by having transport take place at less busy times.


Continuous innovation:

Prawol was one of the first companies in Poland to invest in water recycling processes to limit unnecessary use of clean drinking water. The investment in modern RFID technology may also be mentioned. This contributes to the added value of the service up to the customer site and provides extra monitoring for quality control. The company was also the first in Poland to introduce the PROTEX360 Ecolab Laundry program. With this hygiene program, protection against the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19 virus) can be guaranteed.


State of the art internal logistics


Prawol’s profile, together with the profiles of all GBPAP2020 Official Nominees can be found on WOPCOM. More info – here!

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