Meet GBPAP2020 Sustainability Winner (RTC-B Cat.): Champion Cleaners from UAE

The Sustainability Award RTC B (BIG) Category at The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 was granted to Champion Cleanersfrom UAE, for setting a trend in sustainability in the region.


Champion Cleaning can do almost anything, that’s what makes them stand out.

In light of the recent and ongoing struggle against COVID-19, Champion Cleaners has partnered with Medcare Hospitals to help support the hospital and its staff.

Founded in 1997, Champion Cleaner is well-known in Dubai and is innovative and is up to date to the latest technological developments. It uses fully automatic, state-of-the-art washing and dry-cleaning systems. The company have recently taken the lead in the region by introducing a slate of UAE-wide initiatives.

The brand is known for its treatment of fragile and expensive fibers and textiles. It is not only specialized in the treatment of fragile fibers but also offers a variety of other services such as:

  • Bag and shoes cleaning & preservation;
  • Wedding gown cleaning & preservation;
  • Leather cleaning;
  • Home cleaning services including the cleaning of curtains, mattress, sofas, carpets and upholstery;
  • Permanent garment creasing and soft toy cleaning;
  • Sportswear cleaning
  • Professional home services too, including the cleaning of curtains, mattress, sofas and upholstery. On top, Champion Cleaners offer free pickup and delivery services with pay port options for customers to pay via credit cards at their doorsteps.
Wedding gown hanger packing


Using high-end technology for the best results

Being so diverse in its services, Champion Cleaning has the expertise and technology for every item at hand. The team of technicians use a range of tools and techniques to repair the damage, restore color and re-condition leather items, leaving them looking like new.

Champion Cleaners have also launched their new app which is offering customers dry cleaning services at just a tap of the screen and making a handbag or a shoe dry-cleaning much easier. An ordering service is provided through the application as well. It also allows for full accessibility whereby customers can make payments and be kept up to date about its dry-cleaning status. Additionally, the new application includes a price list, visual instructions along with weekly and monthly deals to ensure customers are always aware of the latest promotions.

Shoe packaging; ready to go!

Making packaging a perfection

Champion Cleaners offers many options for specialized packaging. For example, folded and hung ties, folded shirts and travel packaging with every bag that is cleaned. It also offers wedding gown museum preservation method, where the gowns are wrapped in 100% muslin cotton fabric with acid free paper to protect the gown from decay, dust and light. All packaging is made of bio-degradable and eco-friendly plastic.

Delivery of items to customers.


Taking the lead in the UAE

In 2017, Champion Cleaners have taken the lead in the region by introducing a number of UAE-wide initiatives. For instance, the company promotes:

  1. GreenEarth Cleaning, which is a patented solution that is liquid silicone based (i.e. quartz and sand), clear, odourless and non-toxic to soil, water or air.
  2. Excello Wet Cleaning Technology which saves on water, is solvent-free and an energy saver.
  3. i-Genius technology, which is a chemical free, Ozone cabinet that destroys bacteria, sanitizes and deodorizes quickly.
  4. Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags.

For their own stores, it integrated personalized building management systems, which already was able to achieve a 10% reduction on their electricity consumption. The company also actively uses 100% of steam created to generate heat throughout the Central Plant operation, saving an additional 10% on their electricity consumption. Champion Cleaners also use Alliance Wet Cleaning technologies which has resulted in a 50% saving on their overall water consumptions.


Haute Couture Cleaning / VIP Couture Cleaning

Champion Cleaners specialized in the most precious items a customer can have in their wardrobe. The company checks each item and their specific requirements carefully, by their trained staff.  After the first check, each item will then be looked after by a dedicated garment assessment manager and cleaning experts specialized in assessment and care of rare and unique items.

A winning team during GBPAP2020 pitch presentation