Meet GBPAP20’s Innovation Winner (RTC-A Cat.): WOSH from Spain

The Innovation Award for the RTC-A (SME) category at The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 was received by WOSH from Spain, because of the manner in which new customer segments are approached with a focus on digitization, marketing & communication.

WOSH is a Spanish Retail Laundry operating two locations, one of which is in down-town Barcelona. WOSH mainly focuses on laundry activity for private consumers. The service contains pickup service, washing, drying, ironing and folding. Within 48 hours after collection, WOSH will deliver the clean laundry to the customers’ home.

WOSH Flagship store in Barcelona



WOSH people

Currently WOSH has 10 employees in 3 stores. It respects and complies with all the employee’s rights and regulations. WOSH ensures to give constant training to all employees. Working on improving the environment and ensuring that the renumeration and the tasks are in compliance, is of obvious importance to WOSH. To safeguard the quality of the processes, various targets and practical indicators have been developed that make clear how each individual employee is performing.


Sustainability is of vital importance to the company

WOSH does not do any dry-Cleaning, Instead the focus is on making the Wet Cleaning system with biodegradable products more capable each day. On the last rinse a neutralizing product is added that improves the water’s PH level. In direct collaboration with Bosch, systems have been developed that reduce the need for high temperatures during the washing process. The aerotermia system for hot water Is 24% less CO2 consumptive compared to industry-average systems. The pre-treatment system for the hot and the cold water is giving great results in water saving.


A really cool and innovative company

WOSH distinguishes itself through its intensive pickup and delivery service. Delivery is fully free of CO2 because only specially designed electric bikes are used. The riders can be seen every day in the streets of Barcelona.The next step regarding the realization of sustainable business operations, is to improve the existing filtering so that microplastics can be collected. The progressiveness of WOSH is also reflected in the digital software systems and communication strategies used.

WOSH – Electric Bikes for Delivery


‘WOSH, a really cool laundry-company’

Innovation and R&D is one of the main drivers for growth. The people at WOSH are experts in incorporating new technologies and developing innovative solutions such as Wet Cleaning, Aerothermal Energy, Artificial Intelligence and Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing. The stores are placed in exceptional locations and this is just the first marketing channel. It’s working great.

WOSH (Social) Media Example



 WOSH’s profile, together with the profiles of all GBPAP2020 Official Nominees can be found on WOPCOM. More info – here!

GBPAP2020, a great streaming success!

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