Meet GBPAP20’s Innovation Winner (RTC-B Cat.): Mr. Shoes from China

The Innovation Award for the RTC-Big category at The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 was received by Mr. Shoes Cleaning Tech Co. Ltd from China, for developing an unique business model at a broad scale.

Mr. Shoes’ owners, during the pitch presentation at GBPAP2020

Shoe washing at the next level through innovation and high-quality service

Mr. Shoes has developed 240 chain stores in China, where 573 people are employed and 62 people in the management operation team. In the context of the fast development in the Chinese PTC market, Mr. Shoes has been focusing on the market service of shoe washing since 2012 and launched a totally new brand commercial model for shoe washing and renovation, and technology and manufacturing. After seven years, the company became one of the first stores of the whole world to transform from handmade shoe washing to machine intelligent shoe washing. They broke out the limitation which had to depend on human, while machine can better replace the people and realize quality production at large scale.


An impressive chain with an unique business model

A truly innovative business model

The revenue model is based on the following sources:

  1. Brand franchise fee: including first franchise fee, and brand licensing fee year by year
  2. Purchasing fee: the purchased product, equipment, tool, decoration material, and marketing product of sub-branch to head office.
  3. Order commission: online orders of customers through head office system are distributed to subbranches, and the head office charges commission for each order.
  4. Training fee: after the employed of new technicians in subbranch, they have to be trained in the head office, and the subbranch has to pay training fee to the head office

A widespread network of retail shops


Innovation at its best

The company is proud with a series of technological innovations:

  1. Machine color matching: leather renovation has high requirement on the precision of color, so they develop their own color database for color paste blending and color mixer, which is more suitable to the color requirement of Chinese market.
  2. Artificial color matching: it is greatly influenced by the light source of environment, so the company researches and develops the precise light source box with multiple light sources, which can compare the color effect precisely;
  3. RFID automatic intelligent show washing machine: with over 300 washing assembly programs, it can be used to various shoes with different materials, besides, it can wash shoes automatically, reduce the human labor, realize standard batch management, realize processing of single shoes, and avoid bacteria contamination.Semi-automatic stain-reduction shoe washing machine: as to the special stubborn stain, referring to stain-reduction technique for cloths, it applies it to shoe washing machine, and adopts impact and steam stain-reduction equipment, which can improve the effect and efficiency of stain-reduction under different conditions;

The company brings also a series of market innovations. It ocuses people: as to the washing chain brands in China, they all take their surrounding customers as service objects, while since the establishment in 2012, they have focused on young sneakers with high consumption, and initiated and solved the problem of lacking loyalty of users to the brand in traditional laundry. Pick-up and delivery service was firstly adopted in China in 2012, customers order online for free pick-up and delivery, which can relief the inconvenience of customers by sending their shoes to the store. At present, Mr. Shoes has set up monthly fixed collection day, customers do not need to order it in advance, while they have special steward to collect shoes waited to be washed at customers’ homes.


Excellent customer relationship starts with a well-defined target

Like in all successful marketing and communication initiatives, a well-defined target facilitates the reach. The age of Mr. Shoes’ target users is between 18 and 35. Their hobbies: as to young people who are in favor of purchasing shoes of fashionable, modern, limited, and international brands (over 2,000 yuan per piece): SUPREME, AIR, JORDAN, YEEZY, Y-3, GUCCI, LV, GIVENCHY, and VALENTINO, etc.

The shoes quality comes also with specific requirements to select washing brand. Therefore the store shall be appealing, serve customers with quality and good attitude, have large brand popularity and deliver convenience.


Major company, major communication campaigns

Samplings are used intensively in order to promote Mr. Shoes’ focus on quality and special offers: making sampling and sending them to all subbranches of the whole world. Live streaming sessions online take place every month in order to guide sub-branches on how to operate, and answer questions online. The sales channels are used at a large scale:  the company develops online purchasing on the platform, where subbranch can purchase online directly. The company has a well-established sales team for sales, promotion, and technical support in charge of purchasing service of subbranch, and completing sales evaluation index.


Mr. Shoes’ profile, together with the profiles of all GBPAP2020 Official Nominees can be found on WOPCOM. More info – here!

GBPAP2020, a great streaming success!

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